Meet the Staff

Morgan K. Lee

Patient Coordinator & Office Manager

Morgan was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended college at Kennesaw State University in Atlanta, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. Morgan started her career in Plastic Surgery in 2006 when she began working at the prestigious and internationally-recognized private practice, Paces Plastic Surgery, in Atlanta, Georgia. It was during her time there that Morgan discovered her absolute passion for helping patients and caring for people.

Morgan began working with Dr. Lewen in 2010 when she started working as his Surgical Coordinator. It was here that she discovered that they shared a very similar passion for patient care and customer service. In late 2011, Morgan decided to join Dr. Lewen in Miami as he built his private Oculoplastic Surgery practice, Lewen Cosmetic Center, in Aventura, Florida. Through time spent training under Dr. Lewen and attending multiple seminars, Morgan has also discovered a passion for skin care and thoroughly enjoys working with patients to design regimens that best work to suit individual cosmetic goals.

Morgan shares in the mission of Lewen Cosmetic Center to provide exceptional support and service to each and every patient throughout the entire experience with the Practice, from the first phone call, to the very last post-operative appointment.

Morgan loves living in south Florida and loves the weather and the beaches (although she always wears her sunscreen!)

In her free time, Morgan enjoys exploring many of her other interests such as ballet dancing, running, painting, and crafts. Morgan also has a passion for working with children and contributes a significant amount of time to making a difference in the lives of some lucky young ones.

Caterina J.

Clinical Assistant

Caterina was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania. She attended college at Elizabethtown college in Elizabethtown, PA where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. After graduation, she attended Temple University in Philadelphia, PA, and earned her Master’s degree in Social Work. Caterina started her career in medical social work in 1997 when she began working with the case management department at Wilkes Barre General Hospital/Wyoming Valley Health Care System. It was Caterina’s responsibility to ensure that all patients received effective and efficient medical care. She worked extensively with medical professionals, patients and family members to ensure that each patient received the care that they needed and deserved.

Caterina began working as Dr. Lewen’s clinical and patient coordinator in 2014. Initially, as a patient of Dr. Lewen, she was very impressed with how the office was dedicated to customer service and superior patient care. With first hand knowledge of exactly how Dr. Lewen cares for his patients and gives everyone individualized attention, Caterina was motivated and excited to become a part of his team. Working with Dr. Lewen allows her to continue to work to help patients, and she is enthusiastic about being able to provide others with the same exceptional care that she received.

In her free time, Caterina enjoys spending time with her husband and children on Hollywood beach (yes, she wears her sunscreen). She also enjoys walking her golden retrievers, training for obstacle runs, and yoga.

Stefania “Stef” F.

Operations Manager

Stefania “Stef” was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Stef enjoys working in the medical field, and has extensive training and experience working in both the front and back office.  Stef first started her career in medicine working for an ENT physician back in 2000. There, she was also trained and certified in Phlebotomy. During her 5 years in ENT, she excelled in providing exceptional patient care.  In 2005, Stef decided to move to Maryland to be closer to some of her family. Here, she worked in an office that provided Chiropractic and Nutritional Services, and she functioned as an Operations Manager for the practice.

In 2016, Stef moved to south Florida with her loving husband and son, and joined the team working with Dr. Lewen.   Stef loves animals, and enjoys dedicating some of her free time volunteering at the local Humane Society. Often, she also brings her son along with her. She has 2 dogs, named Iris and Lucy, along with a cat named Joey. Stef loves living in sunny Florida, and does not miss the cold up North at all. She always makes sure to wear her sunscreen every day, no matter what the weather is like outside.