What is a treatment plan?

A treatment plan is a planned timeline of treatment developed with you and your physician during your consultation. This details your planned treatments spaced out weeks to months apart before your end result goal. For example: You are the mother of the bride preparing for your daughter’s wedding 6 months from now. Your main concerns are your droopy eyelids, forehead lines, skin texture, and lip lines. Your treatment plan would resemble something like this:

Now, you’re all prepped to look and feel your best on such a memorable day!

Why do I need a treatment plan?

At Lewen Cosmetic Center, we always say that natural beauty is a marathon, not a race. In order to achieve naturally, rejuvenated results the approach must be gradual. While some treatments can be done all at once, it is sometimes best to space these treatments out. Spacing treatments out can also be the more financially reasonable approach. This allows you to plan and budget for your treatments without breaking the bank all at once or placing your treatment all on credit.

How long is a treatment plan good for?

Assuming you are following your physician’s recommended treatment plan, it should last until you have reached your cosmetic goal. At that point, it becomes a routine of maintenance and protecting your investment. If for some reason you choose to go another route or wish to revisit an outdated treatment plan, we recommend coming in for a consultation re-discuss where you revisit your goals with the physician and make alterations to ensure your treatment plan is easily attainable.

Have a big lifestyle event coming up? Are you ready to create a treatment plan of your own? Reach out to us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lewen!


What does health and wellness have to do with appearance?

We have all heard that our body is our temple, so we should treat it as such. Why are we always so quick to jump to quick fixes even when our health is not in the best interest? There are very simple hacks to cosmetic issues if you are not quite ready to go under the knife, or if you have other issues holding you back from your cosmetic surgery.  Patients often come to me feeling they look tired yet are not ready for filler or surgery. For these patients I always discuss the benefits of the following non-surgical and least invasive approaches:

These seem miniscule, and won’t always get you a surgical result, however they do have an impact on appearance. Treat your body right and it will reward you. Are you ready to discuss minimally invasive procedures? Contact us to schedule a consultation!


What to do when eyelid surgery goes awry?

Although there are typically very low risks to having eyelid surgery with an eyelid specialist, there are some cases in which results are not ideal. The factors that contribute to a botched eyelid surgery can include, but are not limited to, a surgeon’s experience, complicated cases, patient not following directions, healing disorders, and other underlying conditions. At Lewen Cosmetic Center, we approach eyelid surgeries with a goal of getting it right the first time. We want patients to have the best result possible without putting them through additional, unnecessary procedures. With that being said, we will also inform you if it isn’t in your best interest to proceed with a surgery if it is believed you won’t heal properly or encounter complications. However, even with all necessary precautions and planning, sometimes results can be less than ideal or require extra attention. For this reason, Dr. Lewen prefers to keep a close eye on all of his surgical patients with extra hand holding and attention than that of most general plastic surgeons.

How do I know if I need a revision eyelid surgery?

If you find yourself asking this question, it may be best to seek medial advice from an oculoplastic surgeon. Common issues to look for when questioning the need for a revision eyelid surgery are:

What are the risks to having a revision eyelid surgery?

As with any eyelid surgery, the most common risks following an eye procedure is bruising, swelling, and dry eyes. With multiple eyelid surgeries, the dry eye issues can worsen significantly. We generally won’t proceed with additional eye surgeries until a patient has their dry eyes under control. This approach is solely for the comfort and safety of the patient, and one of the many reasons you should have an oculoplastic surgeon perform your blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, canthoplasty, reconstruction, and/ or revision eyelid surgery as they are fully equipped and trained to address any concerns or complications should they arise following your procedure.

Will my eyes be comfortable following surgery?

The most discomfort a patient has following droopy eyelid surgery is dry eyes. Dry eyes can be managed and should be checked regularly by your surgeon. Most commonly, patients will be instructed to use regular artificial tears leading up to and following surgery, along with use of a thicker eye ointment for added dry eye relief. For specific dry eye relief instructions following your surgery, you should consult your chosen oculoplastic surgeon.

Can my eyes go back to the shape they used to be before eyelid surgery?

We are regularly asked what can be done to give patients back their natural eye shape. This can be an emotional time for patients, and generally requires a more in-depth consultation dependent on the amount of previous eyelid surgeries a patient has had. While keeping the health of the eye as a priority, there are procedures that can either fully restore the natural eye shape or at least give the illusion as such. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for a revision eyelid surgery or to see what surgical or non-surgical route is best for you, is to come in for a consultation with Dr. Lewen who is a double-board certified Oculoplastic Facial and Reconstructive Surgeon.


Why you should carry sunscreen in your bag?

Sunscreen is an essential tool in anti-aging and prolonging the appearance of youthful skin. Since the sun follows us everywhere, it’s important to always have some on hand. The most innocent days without protection, are the ones that can do the most harm.

When do I apply sunscreen?

While these are all examples of applying sunscreen while being active, your sunscreen should be worn daily on at least your face, neck, and decolletage. These are typically areas in which the first signs of aging are shown, so naturally, this should be your first armour up in preventative aging.

How can I find sunscreen that is right for me?

Choosing a sunscreen for your skin type and lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy by offering an assortment of medical-grade sunscreens formulated with you in mind. Our favorites are from EltaMD. This company has created sunscreen to cover all skin types and levels of activity. Whether your skin is oily or dry, you are active in sports and require waterproof protection, or you just need a daily tinted moisturizer EltaMD has you covered! If you are unsure on which to choose to protect your skin, one of our staff members will be happy to guide you in making a decision. We are happy to ship products to you as well!

Does wearing sunscreen protect me from getting skin cancer?

Most sun damage is done in our youth. However, the importance and frequency of utilizing sunscreen in our lives can never come too late. While the regular use of sunscreen in your adult life doesn’t mean you will never have skin cancer, it does decrease the risk of getting it later on. Think of sunscreen like car insurance. You don’t wait to get car insurance until after having a wreck, so sunscreen shouldn’t be worn only a few months out of the year, when you have an area of concern, or after you have been diagnosed with a skin cancer.

How do I know if I have skin cancer?

Without a biopsy-proven result, it’s not 100% possible to determine if you have skin cancer or what type of skin cancer it may be. If you have a bump, mole, freckle, or any suspicious area on your face or body, the smartest thing you can do is to have it evaluated.

Do you have an area of concern? Stay smart for skin cancer awareness month, contact us today!


Why do I need a consultation?

Consultations are important in your cosmetic journey for many reasons and are crucial for both you and your doctor in determining if there is a good fit for the doctor-patient relationship to continue with treatment. It’s essential that you know and trust your cosmetic injector. As our lives become faster paced, more and more medspas promote the in and out treatments, which truly devalues your patient experience and quality of care. While consultations should fun, exciting, and not take up your entire day, you should also be confident that your physician can provide the cosmetic goals you are looking to achieve. Here at Lewen Cosmetic Center we are devoted to you and delivering the highest level of white glove service, while establishing a realistic, cosmetic treatment plan to naturally achieve your cosmetic goals!

What happens during a cosmetic consultation? 

During your consultation, you will meet with all essential staff who will participate in your cosmetic journey. You will be greeted upon arrival by our Front Office Coordinator who will ensure you are comfortable, all new patient paperwork is completed, and set the mood for your consultation with Dr. Lewen. You will then be welcomed and escorted to the consultation room by one of our medical assistants. They will do a brief medical background history, then introduce you to Dr. Lewen. Dr. Lewen will consume most of the consult time meeting with you, addressing your needs, and establishing a treatment plan with you. From there, if you wish to proceed, you will meet with his Patient Coordinator who will walk you through each step of the procedure and get you scheduled for treatment.

How long will my consultation take? 

Typically, consultations last anywhere between 1-2 hours, with more complex consultations being on the lengthier side. The quickest consults are generally ones that involve the less invasive procedures such as filler, Botox, laser treatments, and micro-needling. Surgeries, revisions, and trauma consultations are almost always longer lasting as there are more risks associated with surgical and more invasive procedures. However, at Lewen Cosmetic Center, Dr. Lewen strives to ensure he has discussed every option and alternative with you. Whether you come in for a simple Botox treatment or reconstructive surgery, rest assured that he will never rush you and provide you with all the necessary guidance in choosing your procedure.

Do I have to decide on a treatment that day? 

While most patients come in ready to make a decision, there is certainly no pressure to lock in a treatment the same day as your consultation. We want you to feel confident in making your decision and understand that you may need to discuss your cosmetic treatment with a spouse or friend, or even make arrangements with work or childcare before proceeding with your recommended treatment plan. If a decision is made the day of your consultation, we will secure your date and time with a deposit. If you still need time in making a decision to proceed, our Patient Coordinator will set up a time to follow up with you to ensure you have had all your questions answered and concerns calmed.

Are there financing options for my procedure? 

We are pleased to offer you financing options so that you do not have to go without your dream procedure! Enhancing your beauty does not have to be a strain on your wallet. Here at Lewen Cosmetic Center, we offer financing through both CareCredit and our affiliate, Shorr Solutions. You are sure to find the best option to fit your financial needs! Learn more about our financing options here!

Will I be offered options and alternatives to my procedure? 

Dr. Lewen covers all bases when approaching your customized treatment plan. If there are other options or alternatives, whether they be surgical or non-surgical approaches, your trusted physician should let you know. It is also helpful if you come to your consultation with an open mind to treatment, and let your physician know if you are open to all options – both invasive and least invasive approaches. Your physician will let you know the best approach to achieve your cosmetic goal, while keeping your safety and health a priority. Your surgeon should also let you know if you are not a candidate for a procedure. This should instill trust in you as a patient, as a trusted physician only has your best interest in mind.

How do I know if a surgeon is right for me?

Choosing a surgeon is by far the most important step in your cosmetic journey. This is one reason why consultations are so critical. Think of your consultation like an interview. You are essentially hiring a surgeon to do a job, so it’s crucial you know what to look for and appropriate questions to ask. You also want to ensure that you are comfortable, the staff made you feel welcome, and last but not least, that you trust the physician has your end results, safety, and health in your best interest.

What does a Patient Coordinator do in a plastic surgeon’s office? 

Consultations can sometimes be overwhelming when there is a lot of information thrown your way. That is why there is a Patient Coordinator role in place whose primary job is to hold your hand through each step of your cosmetic treatment. A patient coordinator is typically a cosmetic surgeon’s right hand and patient liaison. If there is anything you need reclarified, explained, or any questions you may have this is the person you want to speak to!

Are you ready to set up your consultation with Dr. Lewen, or still have questions about scheduling a consultation? Contact our team today!


Impact of Skincare in Miami, FL

What good is your skin if you are not caring for it? While unfortunately there is no “magic cream” on the market, there are steps to take using products to supplement what filler and surgery cannot do that aid in anti-aging as well! Understanding what products are right for you to address your specific skin concerns is half the battle. You do not have to pay millions for good skin, but you should invest in it. Eye creams, night creams, retinol/ retinoids, exfoliators, serums, and vitamin C are just basics in a good, everyday skincare regimen. No need to overcomplicate caring for your skin, we are here to help!


What products do I need for my skincare regimen?

When developing your anti-aging skincare regimen, we always start with the four core items which include a vitamin c serum, retinol, sunscreen, and eye cream. If you have these core four products, you are set to look your best to maintain and prolong your youthful glow! Areas of concern, unique skin types and conditions may be addressed with different products. This can be discussed with Dr. Lewen during your consultation!


What is a vitamin c serum?

Vitamin C serums are a holy grail in skincare that offer a multitude of benefits. Our favorites are Skinceuticals Phloretin and Skinceuticals CE Ferulic! These are both top of the line providing benefit to your skin by delivering environmental protection, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and loss of firmness while brightening the skin’s complexion. 


What is the difference between medical grade skincare and over the counter skincare?

As in most retail, you get what you pay for. While not every medical grade skincare product trump over the counter products, there are some that you should not skimp on. Medical grade skincare products are often more potent in specific ingredients that are not approved to be sold in retailers and are considered more of a “prescription” product. Medical grade skincare products are also scientifically tested and approved to show benefit, while other products sold elsewhere just claim to be.

How can I determine the best skincare regimen for me?

Have you had your complimentary skincare consult yet? We are now offering complimentary skincare consults with your cosmetic consultation with Dr. Gregory D. Lewen! Contact us today to find out more.



How to Prolong your Cosmetic Treatments During Quarantine: What you should and should not be doing?

It is safe to say that this is an incredibly unique time in history! As we socially isolate to help #flattenthecurve, we are facing unimaginable changes to our lifestyles. So often we are too busy with our overbooked calendars that we neglect our personal routines. Let’s use this time to take a deep breath and embrace a slower paced schedule. A schedule that allows us to incorporate some self-care that is not rushed, rescheduled or pushed to another day with, “more time.” As you stare back at your reflection regretting not making it to get that last-minute Botox or filler treatment to properly utilize this downtime we’ve been gifted with, take a moment to appreciate your appearance and health.


Take this time for YOU.

How to subtly reduce your appearance of fine lines and prolong your injectables:

Things to avoid in order to improve your tired appearance:

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While these suggestions are absolutely not the end all be all, hopefully they can provide some relief during these stressful times. When we reopen, we hope to see you to bring back your pre-coronavirus confidence! In the meantime, if you need our assistance of any kind, or wish to set up a virtual consultation we are still reachable through text, email, and phone calls.


Why should I see an Oculoplastic surgeon for my droopy eyelid surgery?

Having an oculoplastic surgeon perform your eyelid procedures is the best way to put yourself at ease should an issue with your surgery be encountered. Oculoplastic surgeons are specialty surgeons with a background in ophthalmology who are equipped to address issues within and surrounding the eyes and eyelids that general plastic surgeons are not. Specialty surgeons are also the best option when dealing with more complicated cases, traumas, and reconstructions as well.

Will eyelid surgery change the shape of my eyes?

The goal of eyelid surgery is not to alter the shape of your eyes, rather enhance your natural appearance. However, some unfortunate cases can result in a change to the shape, which in turn, yields for a revision eyelid surgery to restore the natural almond eye appearance. The main and most important goal of all eyelid surgeries is to first protect the health and safety of the eye. There are many risks involved with eyelid surgeries, with the most common being dry eyes post-surgery. If you had a less than ideal result from eyelid surgery or are looking to restore your natural appearance, it may be best to seek input from an Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon.

What age should I have eyelid surgery?

If you have heard that you should only have eyelid surgery done after a certain age, you have heard a myth. The fact is that there is no age limit or restrictions to having eyelid surgery. Many factors come into play when determining if you are a candidate for a blepharoplasty, ptosis repair, canthoplasty, epicanthoplasty, Asian eyelid surgery, or any other type of eyelid procedure. These factors can include but are not limited to genetics, previous eyelid surgery, trauma, significant weight loss, and age-related causes. Genetics play a large role in the younger patients opting to have surgery on their eyelids, while age and loss of elasticity and volume play a large role in more mature patients opting to have surgery. However, the best way to determine if you are a candidate for eyelid surgery is through a consultation with Dr. Lewen.

How much is eyelid surgery in Miami?

Your eyes and eye shape are unique to you, so why wouldn’t your eyelid surgery be? No eyelid surgery is one in the same, nor do we believe it should be approached as such. At Lewen Cosmetic Center we do not perform procedures, especially eyelid surgeries, with a cookie cutter approach. For this reason, the investment of eyelid surgery can vary greatly. The most accurate way to determine what procedure is best for you is through a consultation with Dr. Lewen in Aventura, Florida. We believe that your results should fit your personal cosmetic goals, and we are here to provide you with an option to fit your needs and deliver a more beautiful you!

Am I a candidate for eyelid surgery?

If you have excess skin, hollowing, droopy eyelids, asymmetry, bulging or sunken lids, you may be a candidate for eyelid surgery. However, the best way to determine your customized approach is to schedule a consultation at Lewen Cosmetic Center in north Miami, Florida!


How can I improve my skin texture without surgery or downtime?

How can I improve my skin texture without surgery or downtime?

The fear of surgery can be a turnoff to patients when they believe it may be their only option to attain a more youthful appearance. Fortunately, with new radiofrequency technology, we are now able to achieve results similar to a traditional facelift without the extensive downtime of going under the knife.

Am I candidate for Morpheus8?

Everyone with skin is a candidate for Morpheus8! The radio-frequency technology does not see color. Since the radiofrequency is emitted under the top layer of skin through channels created by the microneedles, the risk of hyper and hypopigmentation are virtually none. The colorblind technology even allows us to treat the darkest of skin tones! If you struggle with large pores, loss of skin elasticity and collagen growth, crepiness, volume loss, fine lines, cellulite, acne scars or scars in general, you are a candidate to receive the Morpheus8 treatment.

Will Morpheus8 affect my Rosacea?

A common question we get when doing procedures like Morpheus8 or other treatments such as IPL (intense pulse light) revolve around the treatment affecting Rosacea or making it worse. Morpheus8 along with IPL actually help to bring the baseline of Rosacea down. While it will not eliminate Rosacea completely, you will see positive results from treatments with reduced redness and more infrequent outbreaks.

How does Morpheus8 work?

Morpheus8 works to target the deeper layers of your epidermis, aka the building blocks of youthful skin. The underlying layers of skin are what produce collagen which keeps your skin bright, tight, and looking right! Overtime, however, your building blocks start to decrease collagen production. This can happen as early as the age of 25!! When the building blocks are targeted through radiofrequency, they are stimulated, which in turn allow for new collagen production and skin tightening. Morpheus8 will give the boost needed turn back the clock and will be a staple in your anti-aging regimen!

What is the difference between micro-needling and micro-needling with radiofrequency?

Generic micro-needling devices only go to one set depth in the skin limiting areas of concern being fully addressed, and overall, only scratching the surface of the skin. Esthetician’s and micro-pens alike only go about 0.3 mm into the skin. With Morpheus8, we are able to control the depth of the needle anywhere from 0.5 mm to 5 mm dependent on area treated, thickness of skin or scar, and pigment in skin. In addition to controlling the depth of channels created, radiofrequency is emitted once the needles have entered the skin. The heat from the radiofrequency targets the collagen, shrinks the fat, and tightens skin leaving you with a youthful contour otherwise not achievable through a basic micro-needling treatment.

How many treatments will I need? Is there maintenance involved with Morpheus8?

Typically, patients will need anywhere between 1 and 3 treatments, with best and maximal results achieved after the third treatment. Results continue to improve for up to 3 weeks following the Morhpeus8 treatment. As with almost everything in life, maintenance is necessary and important in your skincare. Morpheus8, along with other treatments, will set back the aging time clock, not stop it in its tracks. While we cannot stop time, we can slow it down. Good skincare and sun protection will go a long way in prolonging your results. You can expect your results to last as long as you are caring for your skin! Maintenance treatments can be done in as little as 6 months or yearly to continually improve your skin’s texture, tone, and tightness.

Do you have more questions regarding Morpheus8?

With completely customizable treatments, your possibilities to youthfulness are endless! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Gregory Lewen today for your individualized treatment plan. 


Morpheus8 Blog

How Can I Improve My Sagging Skin Without Surgery?

Sayonara to the age-old days of dreading when the time comes to a facelift being your only option to lift and tighten skin. Facetite will non-surgically lift, tighten, and sculpt the areas of concern including sagging jowls, bulgy necklines, lower lid fat pockets and crepiness, excess bra fat, and so much more. This simple thirty to fourty-five-minute procedure can be done in office with local anesthesia. No scars or incisions involved!

Alternatives to a Facelift that Still Tighten Skin, Contour Features, and Enhance Overall Appearance

We all want a fast fix to look our best, but what are the main factors holding us back? Downtime, bruising, and swelling are elements that are sometimes unavoidable when having cosmetic treatments. Fortunately, with new minimally invasive techniques involving radiofrequency, we can combat most of these which means getting you back into your normal routine in as little as one to two days.

What causes the loss of volume in our once youthful features resulting in sagging skin?

Overtime, our skin begins to lose elasticity and collagen production appears to come to an abrupt halt. This can begin as early as the age of twenty-five! Sagging skin and fat under the eyes, around the corners of your mouth, and neck and jawline may indicate age-related changes that are occurring to the tissues. The muscles in the area may be weaker than when you were younger, and this allows the tissues to sag. As you age, the fat in your face begins to droop, and this causes folds in various areas, including under your eyes, corners of mouth, neck and jawline areas. There is no way to physically stop the aging time clock; however, we can set it back a few years!

Am I a candidate for Facetite or Accutite?

For years, our patients have been asking for an additional non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative for a traditional facelift. Now, with our state-of-the-art technology, our double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., has brought this very solution to YOU! If you have tried every night cream on the market, PDO threads, facial filler treatments, and have yet to see results, you may be a good candidate for Facetite! Contact Lewen Cosmetic Center to schedule a consultation and discuss your options with Dr. Lewen today!

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