Double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., offers eyelid surgery for men and women in Miami, Aventura, and the surrounding areas of Florida. Dr. Lewen is one of the few plastic surgeons in the area who specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes.

What is a treatment plan?

A treatment plan is a planned timeline of treatment developed with you and your physician during your consultation. This details your planned treatments spaced out weeks to months apart before your end result goal. For example: You are the mother of the bride preparing for your daughter’s wedding 6 months from now. Your main concerns […]

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What does health and wellness have to do with appearance?

We have all heard that our body is our temple, so we should treat it as such. Why are we always so quick to jump to quick fixes even when our health is not in the best interest? There are very simple hacks to cosmetic issues if you are not quite ready to go under […]

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What to do when eyelid surgery goes awry?

Although there are typically very low risks to having eyelid surgery with an eyelid specialist, there are some cases in which results are not ideal. The factors that contribute to a botched eyelid surgery can include, but are not limited to, a surgeon’s experience, complicated cases, patient not following directions, healing disorders, and other underlying […]

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Why you should carry sunscreen in your bag?

Sunscreen is an essential tool in anti-aging and prolonging the appearance of youthful skin. Since the sun follows us everywhere, it’s important to always have some on hand. The most innocent days without protection, are the ones that can do the most harm. When do I apply sunscreen? On the back of your hands while […]

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Why do I need a consultation?

Consultations are important in your cosmetic journey for many reasons and are crucial for both you and your doctor in determining if there is a good fit for the doctor-patient relationship to continue with treatment. It’s essential that you know and trust your cosmetic injector. As our lives become faster paced, more and more medspas […]

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Impact of Skincare in Miami, FL

What good is your skin if you are not caring for it? While unfortunately there is no “magic cream” on the market, there are steps to take using products to supplement what filler and surgery cannot do that aid in anti-aging as well! Understanding what products are right for you to address your specific skin […]

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How to Prolong your Cosmetic Treatments During Quarantine: What you should and should not be doing?

It is safe to say that this is an incredibly unique time in history! As we socially isolate to help #flattenthecurve, we are facing unimaginable changes to our lifestyles. So often we are too busy with our overbooked calendars that we neglect our personal routines. Let’s use this time to take a deep breath and […]

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Why should I see an Oculoplastic surgeon for my droopy eyelid surgery?

Having an oculoplastic surgeon perform your eyelid procedures is the best way to put yourself at ease should an issue with your surgery be encountered. Oculoplastic surgeons are specialty surgeons with a background in ophthalmology who are equipped to address issues within and surrounding the eyes and eyelids that general plastic surgeons are not. Specialty […]

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How can I improve my skin texture without surgery or downtime?

How can I improve my skin texture without surgery or downtime? The fear of surgery can be a turnoff to patients when they believe it may be their only option to attain a more youthful appearance. Fortunately, with new radiofrequency technology, we are now able to achieve results similar to a traditional facelift without the […]

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How Can I Improve My Sagging Skin Without Surgery?

Sayonara to the age-old days of dreading when the time comes to a facelift being your only option to lift and tighten skin. Facetite will non-surgically lift, tighten, and sculpt the areas of concern including sagging jowls, bulgy necklines, lower lid fat pockets and crepiness, excess bra fat, and so much more. This simple thirty […]

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