Surgery for Tearing Disorders Miami

Tearing can be a very troublesome problem. Frequently, it can be burdensome and embarrassing, giving the appearance that you are crying constantly or at inappropriate times.

Tearing conditions can also contribute to other significant problems such as blurry vision and irritation of the surrounding skin areas.

Symptoms of tearing can be caused by too much production of excess tears, insufficient drainage of tears, or some combination of both conditions. Although there are a number of reasons to have too many tears, in many cases, excess production of tears is actually due to a hidden dry eye condition, which can stimulate the lacrimal (tear) gland to produce excess watery tears that can just stream down the face.

Tearing due to insufficient drainage is commonly due to either a problem with the eyelids or a problem with the nasolacrimal (tear drainage) system. Evaluation for these disorders will be performed on initial consultation with Dr. Lewen to determine the cause of your tearing. Dr. Lewen will be happy to answer any questions that you may have related to a tearing condition at this time.