About Your Consultation

After scheduling your initial consultation with Dr. Lewen, you should expect to receive your personalized Welcome Packet within one week via regular mail or email, depending on your preference.

In this packet, you will receive:
Dr. Lewen

  1. Confirmation of your appointment date and time
  2. New Patient Forms (please attempt to complete these before your appointment to save time)
  3. A map and detailed directions to Dr. Lewen’s office
  4. General information about Dr. Gregory D. Lewen
  5. General information regarding the procedure(s) you are considering

When you first enter our office, you will be greeted by one of our patient coordinators.Their job is to gather your information and make you feel comfortable from the moment you walk through the front door. This person will also help to ensure that your paperwork is completed correctly. Your next meeting will be with one of Dr. Lewen’s aesthetic advisors, who will provide you a tour of the office and escort you to your consultation room. Next, you will meet with Dr. Lewen.

This initial consultation allows Dr. Lewen to gain an understanding of your aesthetic goals. Similarly, the meeting will allow you to meet Dr. Lewen, and to learn about his credentials and qualifications, as well as the results of his previous work. All initial consultations are scheduled specifically to ensure that there is ample time for you to get to know Dr. Lewen, and to share your cosmetic goals and desires in an appropriately detailed discussion. Dr. Lewen will then perform his examination and confidential photos will be taken. After the examination is completed, Dr. Lewen will review your options, and his recommendations for best addressing your concerns. Together, he will then work with you to construct a personalized treatment plan that will help you to attain the most complete results that you desire. All questions are welcome, and Dr. Lewen will make every effort to provide you with the most important details regarding your proposed treatment(s).

After meeting with Dr. Lewen, you will then meet with Dr. Lewen’s Aesthetic Patient Coordinator. At this time, we will review with you all of the logistics of scheduling, fees, and any other questions that you may have. You will also have the opportunity to discuss possible options for financing your surgery, if desired. Our team will serve as your aesthetic surgical concierge, and we are dedicated to being “hands on,” readily available to assist you throughout the entire surgical process.

The most important goal of this initial consultation is to provide you with clear, complete, and candid information in order to assist you in making the best well-informed, comfortable, and educated decision possible regarding OculoFacial Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery.

The consultation is a very important step in the plastic surgery process. Dr. Lewen and his office staff are fully committed to supporting you every step of the way through this experience!

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