Juvederm Miami

JUVÉDERM® is an injectable gel that is FDA-approved to instantly smooth moderate to severe lines and wrinkles around your nose and mouth. These products can also be used to add more fullness and plump thin lips, whether your lips have thinned somewhat over time, or even if you just want fuller lips. The results from injection of these products have been shown to last up to 1 year. They were approved for intradermal injection in the United States in 2006.

The 2 products in this family of facial filler products are:

  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC
  • JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus XC

Both products are composed of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a modified sugar molecule, and a naturally-occurring substance that is found in the body in places such as skin, connective tissue, and joints. This molecule is ubiquitous across all species and does not require skin allergy testing prior to injection.

Both products utilize Hylacross technology, which refers to the crosslinking process that stabilizes the hyaluronic acid molecules and allows the products to last longer. Both products are smooth, malleable gels with a nice and even consistency. These products do have a somewhat higher affinity for water molecules than some other products, and so they can exhibit some additional swelling and fullness in certain areas of the face. JUVÉDERM® Ultra Plus has more crosslinking than JUVÉDERM® Ultra, which creates a more viscous (thicker) product, and it generally lasts longer in the body. The “XC” designation refers to the presence of lidocaine that is mixed into these products. This has the added benefit of providing some anesthesia and additional comfort when these products are injected into the body.

Generally, the side effects of these products are mild and short-lived. The most common side effects after injection include redness, swelling, and bruising, although there are other side effects that have been reported in rare cases. The degree of redness, swelling, and bruising after injection of these products can vary greatly depending on the specific location of injection, the technique and experience of the injector, and individual patient factors. The results from the injection of these products can be seen almost immediately, although some degree of initial swelling is expected, and typically the results will settle in over the first 1-2 weeks after the treatment is performed. Results after injection of JUVÉDERM® products typically last at least 6 months, and often up to 1 year or longer, depending on the specific product, the individual patient, and the location of injection.