Double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., offers eyelid surgery for men and women in Miami, Aventura, and the surrounding areas of Florida. Dr. Lewen is one of the few plastic surgeons in the area who specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes.

The cheek area is an important part of an attractive appearance because the bone and skin structure create highlights and shadows. The cheeks also work to anchor facial balance of all features. Dr. Lewen prefers cheek fillers rather than cheek implants because the technique gives him exceptional control when sculpting the cheek and mid-face area. Here are some of his recommendations for best practices when using dermal fillers for the cheeks.

Do Remain Cognizant of Anatomical Considerations

First and foremost, the individual patient’s anatomy must be considered when administering cheek fillers. This may require injecting the fillers in areas around the cheekbone rather than using more traditional injection patterns. In the end, crafting an injection pattern that is unique to the patient creates a more natural and appealing overall improvement to the face.

Do Use Cheek Fillers for Dual Benefits When Possible

Whenever possible and necessary, Dr. Lewen identifies ways to use cheek fillers for dual purposes, such as to add volume to the under eye area, soften wrinkles around the mouth and nose or address sagging along the jowls. This ensures that the patient benefits from the injections in unexpected ways. In following this methodology, Dr. Lewen often recommends cheek fillers to patients who have lower eyelid surgery and other procedures in the eye area.

Don’t Assume You Know a Patient’s Goals

Not every patient wants to turn back the clock necessarily. Some patients, including those in their 40s and beyond, may want to create an entirely new look with cheek fillers. Dr. Lewen takes the time to understand each patient’s vision for cheek fillers and other procedures, and he discusses the options with their specific goals in mind.

Don’t Overdo It with Cheek Fillers

Some practitioners use techniques that involve injecting a more than adequate amount of dermal filler directly into the cheeks, typically around the cheekbone. This may produce an unnatural shape to the apple of the cheeks and make patients more uncomfortable with their appearance. The justification is typically a “more is better” reasoning, but this is never the case when it comes to dermal fillers. Instead, dermal fillers should be injected in smaller amounts at several injection sites, including points outside the cheek area.

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If you are considering cheek fillers, or even cheek implants, contact Lewen Cosmetic Surgery to schedule a consultation. Dr. Lewen understands the nuances of cheek fillers and the techniques to use to create the most appealing proportions for your face.

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