Ectropion/Entropion Repair Surgery in Miami, FL

Double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., offers ectropion/entropion repair surgery for residents in Miami, Aventura, and the surrounding areas of Florida. Dr. Lewen is one of a select few plastic surgeons who specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes.

Ectropion/Entropion Repair Surgery in Miami, FLWhat is Ectropion/Entropion?

Ectropion and entropion are conditions that affect the way the eyelid is oriented. In entropion, the eyelid rolls inward, and in ectropion, the eyelid rolls outward. Both conditions are types of eyelid drooping that may be age-related, trauma-related or congenital (from birth), however, most cases are a result from cancers and abnormalities related to previous plastic surgeries.

Benefits of Ectropion/Entropion Repair Surgery

  • Less irritation
  • Less dryness
  • Fewer instances of watery eyes

What is the Recovery like After Ectropion/Entropion Repair Surgery?

Patient recovery varies after ectropion/entropion repair surgery. Dr. Lewen may require you to wear an eye patch for at least 24 hours. Bruising and swelling tend to be well-controlled with cold compresses. Preventing infection is of utmost importance, and you may need to use a special antibiotic ointment for the first seven days after the procedure. As the eye heals, the skin may tighten. Patients should avoid rubbing their eyes.

How Much Does Ectropion/Entropion Repair Surgery Cost?

The cost of ectropion/entropion repair surgery varies, and it is based upon an individualized treatment plan that is developed during the consultation with Dr. Lewen. Prior to the appointment, you may want to learn about our financing options.

Dr. Lewen is one of the few plastic surgeons in the Miami and Aventura, Florida area who specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes, including ectropion/entropion repair surgery. Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive consultation to learn more about our services.