Commitment to Patient

Commitment to Excellence in Patient Care

At Lewen Cosmetic Center, we strive to incorporate exceptional patient care into our everyday practice. Lewen Cosmetic Center begins with Dr. Gregory D. Lewen. From Botox injections to facial fillers and upper eyelid surgery to browlifts, when it comes to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Lewen first and foremost listens to each patient’s individual cosmetic goals. Once the patient’s goals are shared, Dr. Lewen applies specialized expertise to perform a thorough examination of the patient’s eyes, its proportions and the interaction between the various other facial components. All recommendations are openly discussed to further obtain the patient’s input and wishes in order to create the most appropriate and effective customized treatment plan.

A compassionate team of Dr. Lewen’s staff is always available to help patients through every step of their customized treatment plan. Following the procedure, close follow-up with Dr. Lewen is arranged to insure that healing is optimal to achieve the desired result. As many visits as necessary are schedule to ensure that the patient feels comfortable and secure through the healing process. Dr. Lewen favors long-term follow up with his patients to provide them the opportunity to communicate their thoughts about the entire experience, and their feelings regarding the long-term outcome of their procedure(s).