Refresh Your Look with Blepharoplasty

Is excess skin causing your eyelids to sag? Do you have puffy and dark bags under your eyes? These are just some of the common aesthetic issues that can occur around the eyes as we age. When these issue begin to appear, they can significantly diminish the youthful beauty of your eyes and face.

Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Lewen can restore the radiance of your eyes through blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery. This popular and effective cosmetic procedure can give you a noticeably refreshed appearance that looks natural. Any incisions used during the procedure are hidden in the creases of your eyelids to ensure the aesthetic excellence of your results.

Dr. Lewen will carefully examine your eyelids in order to determine the level of correction needed and will formulate a customized procedure plan. Restore the beauty of your eyes by contacting us to schedule a consultation.