The Danger of Tearing Disorders

Tearing disorders can occur for multiple reasons. They can be the result of a genetic issue or trauma, or they can occur because of an obstruction in the tear ducts. Tearing disorders can cause a number of issues. Some people may experience tearing at odd or inconvenient times, others may suffer from blurry vision due to excess tears.

If the tears are not able to properly drain from the eyes, the surrounding tissue can become irritated and red. If the issue is not addressed and the tears remain stagnant in the tear duct, bacteria can form. This can result in severe eye infections and can place your eyes at risk of permanent damage.

Oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Lewen can surgically correct your tearing disorder in order to restore your quality of life and protect the health of your eyes. If you need help managing your tearing disorder, contact our office to schedule a consultation.