Double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., offers eyelid surgery for men and women in Miami, Aventura, and the surrounding areas of Florida. Dr. Lewen is one of the few plastic surgeons in the area who specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes.

Sunscreen is an essential tool in anti-aging and prolonging the appearance of youthful skin. Since the sun follows us everywhere, it’s important to always have some on hand. The most innocent days without protection, are the ones that can do the most harm.

When do I apply sunscreen?

  • On the back of your hands while driving
  • Before heading to the beach or pool
  • Before doing any type of yardwork (gardening, mowing the lawn, etc.)
  • Playing sports outdoors (Be sure to reapply every 1-2 hours while outside)

While these are all examples of applying sunscreen while being active, your sunscreen should be worn daily on at least your face, neck, and decolletage. These are typically areas in which the first signs of aging are shown, so naturally, this should be your first armour up in preventative aging.

How can I find sunscreen that is right for me?

Choosing a sunscreen for your skin type and lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. We make it easy by offering an assortment of medical-grade sunscreens formulated with you in mind. Our favorites are from EltaMD. This company has created sunscreen to cover all skin types and levels of activity. Whether your skin is oily or dry, you are active in sports and require waterproof protection, or you just need a daily tinted moisturizer EltaMD has you covered! If you are unsure on which to choose to protect your skin, one of our staff members will be happy to guide you in making a decision. We are happy to ship products to you as well!

Does wearing sunscreen protect me from getting skin cancer?

Most sun damage is done in our youth. However, the importance and frequency of utilizing sunscreen in our lives can never come too late. While the regular use of sunscreen in your adult life doesn’t mean you will never have skin cancer, it does decrease the risk of getting it later on. Think of sunscreen like car insurance. You don’t wait to get car insurance until after having a wreck, so sunscreen shouldn’t be worn only a few months out of the year, when you have an area of concern, or after you have been diagnosed with a skin cancer.

How do I know if I have skin cancer?

Without a biopsy-proven result, it’s not 100% possible to determine if you have skin cancer or what type of skin cancer it may be. If you have a bump, mole, freckle, or any suspicious area on your face or body, the smartest thing you can do is to have it evaluated.

Do you have an area of concern? Stay smart for skin cancer awareness month, contact us today!

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