Look the Way You Feel with an Upper Eyelid Lift

Noticeable signs of aging can often make you look much older than you actually are. The skin of the upper eyelids is quite thin and thus particularly likely to show signs of the aging process. An upper eyelid lift can correct these problems and give you a younger-looking appearance.

Excess skin on the eyelid can cause it to droop down and produce a worn-out look. Excess fat can build up in the upper lid as well, exacerbating the issue. Fine lines and wrinkles can also form in the area.

An upper eyelid lift will alter and remove excess skin and fat and muscle tissue as needed to give a rejuvenated look to your eyelids. The skin of the lids will be tightened in order to create a smooth surface.

Dr. Gregory Lewen is an oculofacial surgeon who has immense experience performing upper eyelid lifts with tremendous success. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your upper eyelid lift.