Treating Nasolabial Folds

As we age, our skin begins to lose its strength and elasticity and we slowly lose facial volume. This causes noticeable facial folds to form. Some of the most noticeable facial folds are the nasolabial folds, which extend from the corners of the nose down to the corners of the mouth.

Nasolabial folds can be very prominent, which makes them difficult to cover up. The best way to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds is to restore lost facial volume to the area. This can be done by injecting Juvederm Ultra Plus XC into the tissue around the mouth and nose, which will lift the tissue and restore the smooth and youthful appearance of your face.

Don’t let nasolabial folds prevent you from feeling happy with your appearance – contact our office today to schedule a consultation for your Juvederm Ultra Plus XC injections. Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Lewen will safely administer your injections and restore the youthful beauty of your face.