What Can Have an Effect the Formation of Scar Tissue?

Scars can vary in type, size, shape, texture, and depth, making each scar a unique case that requires personalized care. There are also many other controllable and uncontrollable factors that can affect the formation of your scar.

Too much sun or UV exposure can negatively affect the condition of your skin and the way scar tissue forms. Smoking and drinking can have adverse effects on the quality and health of your skin. Poor nutrition and a lack of rest can also affect the appearance of your scar.

Along with these factors inside of your control, genetic factors and existing medical conditions can lead to unpredictable and undesirable scar tissue formation. Oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Lewen can perform a scar revision surgery that will significantly reduce the appearance of scars that are diminishing your natural beauty. Contact us to schedule a consultation.