Commitment to Patients

We take P.R.I.D.E. in our service and treatments! Let us tell you more….

1. Physician-Administered. Dr. Lewen personally performs all cosmetic treatments, including surgical procedures, laser treatments, facial filler injections, and other injectable treatments to ensure that every patient receives exceptional aesthetic services.

2. Right for you? Nowadays, we have numerous cosmetic options at our fingertips, especially with the abundance of online resources such as WebMD, RealSelf, and a myriad of cosmetic advertisements and fads (did someone say, Vampire facial?) But, how do we know what is best? How do we know what goes where and what works and what does not? Dr. Lewen personally consults with all of his patients, and works hard to fully understand each individual patient’s cosmetic goals. During this consultation, Dr. Lewen will listen to your goals and will provide you with treatment options that work to deliver real results based on your personal desires.

3. Individualized Treatments? No two people have the same exact cosmetic goals, and no two people have the same exact skin, not even identical twins! Dr. Lewen creates an individualized and detailed treatment plan for each patient. This treatment plan is used as a guide in order to achieve the cosmetic goals that you share and discuss at your consultation with Dr. Lewen. It also provides you with an idea of what surgical procedures, in office treatments, lasers, and/or skincare products will be ideal for achieving your personal cosmetic goals.

4. Deliver Real Results! Dr. Lewen has extensive training and expertise in the field of OculoFacial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. Dr. Lewen’s passion and commitment to his patients is best illustrated by his limitless desire to pursue continuing education to bring the most current and comprehensive treatments into his practice. Dr. Lewen and his staff are committed to assisting you in achieving a more vibrant, youthful, and energetic look, while maintaining a completely natural appearance.

5. Exceptional Patient Care! A compassionate team of Dr. Lewen’s dedicated staff is always available to assist patients through every step of their customized treatment plan. Following a procedure, close follow-up with Dr. Lewen is arranged to ensure that healing is optimal, and that every patient feels comfortable and secure throughout the healing process. Dr. Lewen favors long-term follow up with his patients to provide the opportunity for communication regarding any aspect of the patient experience, as well as any feelings regarding the long-term outcome of procedures.