Financial Policy



PLEASE NOTE: We value our relationship with you and we want to assure its ongoing success through a mutual understanding of our financial policies. Please read this Cosmetic Financial Policy in full. Please direct any questions you may have regarding this Policy at (305) 514-0631. A copy of this Financial Policy will be provided to you at the time of your consultation, and you will be asked to sign this document, acknowledging that you have read this Financial Policy, that you have full understanding of it, and that you have had all of your questions answered satisfactorily regarding this document.

  • A $100.00, non-refundable consultation fee is due at the time of booking your consultation appointment. This fee may be applied to any surgery scheduled with Dr. Lewen. We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If your consultation is canceled inside of 24 hours, your entire consultation fee will be forfeited.


  • In order to reserve Dr. Lewen’s time, a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE (or a minimum of $1,000.00) deposit for the surgeon’s fee is due upon scheduling your surgery.


  • Payment in full is due FOURTEEN (14) days prior to surgery. If payment is not received FOURTEEN (14) days prior, your surgery may be cancelled.

***Should you reschedule your procedure to a later date, the balance remains due in full on the original due date.***


  • Surgery cancellations and changes create serious scheduling problems. The surgical facility, anesthesiologist, surgeon, and other staff are reserved and scheduled in advance. Therefore, please understand the importance of respecting our FOURTEEN (14) day cancellation policy.


  • FIFTY PERCENT (50%) of the surgeon’s fees are NON-REFUNDABLE if your surgery or any portion of your surgery is cancelled less than FOURTEEN (14) days before your surgery date. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT (100%) of the surgeon’s fees are NON-REFUNDABLE if your surgery or any portion of your surgery is cancelled less than SEVEN (7) days before your surgery date. If surgery is scheduled less than fourteen (14) days prior to the procedure, all fees are due at the time of scheduling, and all penalties will apply.


  • If a refund check is due to a patient for any reason, we require a minimum of FIFTEEN (15) business days to process the refund check.


  • If you are financing your surgery with CareCredit, the entire fee for the surgery is due at the time of scheduling. If your surgery is cancelled or if you are issued a refund for any reason, the refund amount will be no greater than the actual dollar amount paid to the Practice by your financing company. This amount will be less any financing charges incurred.


  • Should you need to reschedule your procedure, you must give FOURTEEN (14) days prior notice in order to apply any prepaid fees or deposits to a new surgery date. If your surgery is cancelled and rescheduled more than once, a $250.00 rescheduling fee will apply. All prepaid fees and deposits are forfeited if not rescheduled within SIX (6) months of the original surgery date.


  • Full payment for the surgery facility and anesthesia services is due upon receipt of the bill from the surgery center. You will assume full responsibility for any such fees charged, and it is understood that Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., P.L.L.C. d/b/a Lewen Cosmetic Center and Dr. Gregory D. Lewen assume no responsibility for these charges and the collection of such fees.


  • Surgical facility and anesthesia service charges are billed on an hourly basis. Your surgical quote will include a courtesy estimate of these charges based on average times. If the procedure(s) take longer than anticipated for any reason, there may be additional charges incurred for the additional time at the sole discretion of the surgery center. Any questions or disputes regarding such fees must be directed to the surgery center directly.


  • You understand that you are responsible for all pre-operative lab tests required to clear you for surgery (i.e. blood tests, chest X-ray, EKG, etc.). You also understand that you are financially responsible for all prescriptions/medications pre- and post-operatively. These charges are not included in any surgical quotation unless expressly stated.


  • If surgical revisions are necessary, you may be responsible for additional costs related to surgical facility, anesthesia services, surgeon’s fees, cost of supplies, and/or other associated charges.


  • The surgeon’s fee charge will include ONE (1) year of normal post-operative care. Normal care will be defined at the sole discretion of Dr. Lewen.