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Patient Question:  Does Latisse change eye color?  I really want to stop using my false lashes but I am scared to use Latisse!  Is it true that it will turn my light eyes to brown? Thanks!  – S.V.

Thank you for the question. This is a very common question in my practice and one that concerns a large number of people.  I am very happy to address this point.

I would first like to share a little history on Latisse to help ease your mind.  Latisse was actually discovered accidentally!  It is a derivative of a popular glaucoma medication.  Doctors were finding that patients on the glaucoma medication, Bimatoprost, were developing longer, thicker, and darker beautiful eyelashes.  Eventually, great minds started thinking that this would be a fantastic aesthetic treatment for inadequate lashes in patients without glaucoma.  You ask why this is important?  The only reported cases of eye color change have occurred in patients using Bimatoprost drops for glaucoma, and not with Latisse.  Please also understand that Bimatoprost is a glaucoma drop that is typically placed inside the eye, while Latisse is typically placed on an applicator before applying to the eyelid, and is not intended for use inside the eye when used as directed.  Because Latisse is in fact a similar product, it must be disclosed that it has the potential to change your eye color with treatment.  However, in actuality, this side effect would be exceedingly rare, and something that I have never seen in practice.

Another interesting fact:  Latisse is the first and ONLY FDA-approved treatment for inadequate lashes.  When Latisse is used as directed, one drop is placed on an applicator brush, which is then used to apply the product to the eyelid margin (where you would typically place eyeliner).  If used appropriately, the risk of Latisse coming in contact with your eye should extremely small!

Allergan, the manufacturer of Latisse is also very aware of this common concern.  It is very interesting that they have chosen Brooke Shields and Clare Danes, two light-eyed actresses as their spokes models for the product!

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