Lip Enhancements Miami

The lips and the surrounding areas are a defining feature of the face. For many patients, lips that have improved definition and fullness can provide a significant rejuvenation and restore balance to the entire lower face.

Over time, normal bony and soft tissue changes cause the facial profile to become flatter as the nose gains more prominence and the lower part of the face becomes shorter. This leads to some sagging of the corners of the mouth that can create the appearance of marionette lines over time. The upper lip will tend to flatten and become longer, causing less of your teeth to show when you smile. Additionally, the lips themselves will become thinner over the course of time. For some patients, this loss of volume can cause the upper lip to completely disappear when smiling.

Dr. Lewen uses a series of advanced injection techniques to provide his patients with a very natural lip enhancement. In this manner, Dr. Lewen can add fullness, refine shape, or create definition and structure in order to give the lips a youthful and rejuvenated appearance without looking artificial or overdone.

How is it performed?

Dr. Lewen uses a series of advanced injection techniques to perform this minimally-invasive procedure in the office. His sub-specialty training, keen aesthetic eye, and unique attention to detail will ensure that you will maintain the appropriate shape and contour of your lips to give you the best and most natural enhancement. Depending on your specific anatomy and cosmetic concerns, Dr. Lewen uses a methodical approach that can create more definition, add fullness, maintain structure, and replace lost volume, while providing a lifting effect. Modest re-contouring of the lips can also be done in some cases if desired. All together, these changes will help to create a beautiful rejuvenation and natural enhancement of one of your most important facial features!

During your consultation, Dr. Lewen will take extra care to listen to your specific concerns and cosmetic desires. After examining your individual anatomy, he will then share his recommendations for your best treatment plan. Before your treatment, the office staff will apply some numbing cream to the areas that are being treated. Afterwards, these areas will be carefully prepped to ensure that all makeup and oils are removed from the skin, and that the skin surface is sterile.

For this sensitive area of the face, Dr. Lewen only utilizes those FDA-approved, hyaluronic acid gel facial filler products that have been scientifically studied and shown to be safe and effective for treatment of the lips. Many of these products now come pre-mixed with numbing medicine, and in some cases, Dr. Lewen will add some additional numbing medicine for optimum patient comfort. Another benefit to using hyaluronic acid gel products is that these injections are potentially reversible, which significantly reduces the risk of undesirable side effects. For certain areas, Dr. Lewen will utilize a blunt-tipped cannula for lip enhancement. This advanced injection technique has the added benefits of improved comfort and less bruising when compared to the use of a needle. Ice is also used as an additional form of anesthesia for certain areas that can be more sensitive in order to provide the easiest and most comfortable experience during lip enhancement injections. For patients who are the most sensitive, Dr. Lewen will rarely perform dental blocks to completely numb the lips before performing lip enhancement injections.

After your procedure is completed, Dr. Lewen’s staff will provide you with ice to apply to the treated lip areas, and you will be given a detailed post-procedure instruction sheet.

Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance amongst patients can vary considerably. However, Dr. Lewen and his staff routinely show careful consideration to individual patient sensitivities in this delicate area of the face. We are committed to helping ensure that your lip enhancement procedure is as painless and easy as possible. By utilizing topical numbing cream before your procedure, along with numbing medicine mixed in the injection product, frequent applications of ice to the treated area, and advanced cannula injection techniques, Dr. Lewen is completely dedicated to minimizing your discomfort during this procedure. You can rest assured that he will communicate with you throughout the procedure so that you are aware of exactly what he is doing, and the office staff will also be present to help ease you through the experience.

What is the downtime?

Every patient is somewhat different in terms of the healing time required after a lip enhancement procedure. Procedures that require more product volume will typically have slightly more healing time required. Although Dr. Lewen utilizes advanced injection techniques to minimize bruising as much as possible, this can still occur with these injections, and you should also expect some degree of swelling in the treated area afterwards. Applying ice to the treated area immediately afterwards and for the first 24-48 hours will significantly reduce the risk of additional bruising and swelling in the area. Arnica, a homeopathic remedy, may also help to alleviate swelling and bruising somewhat faster. There is no downtime required after lip enhancement injections, and you can resume normal exercise 24 hours after treatment. You should expect your final lip enhancement results to settle in at about 1-2 weeks after your treatment.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about downtime following a lip enhancement procedure, please contact one of Dr. Lewen’s Patient Coordinator’s to learn more about what can be down pre- and post-enhancement to ensure that you have as little downtime as possible!