Double board-certified oculofacial plastic surgeon, Gregory D. Lewen, M.D., offers eyelid surgery for men and women in Miami, Aventura, and the surrounding areas of Florida. Dr. Lewen is one of the few plastic surgeons in the area who specializes in plastic surgery of the eyes.

Consultations are important in your cosmetic journey for many reasons and are crucial for both you and your doctor in determining if there is a good fit for the doctor-patient relationship to continue with treatment. It’s essential that you know and trust your cosmetic injector. As our lives become faster paced, more and more medspas promote the in and out treatments, which truly devalues your patient experience and quality of care. While consultations should fun, exciting, and not take up your entire day, you should also be confident that your physician can provide the cosmetic goals you are looking to achieve. Here at Lewen Cosmetic Center we are devoted to you and delivering the highest level of white glove service, while establishing a realistic, cosmetic treatment plan to naturally achieve your cosmetic goals!

What happens during a cosmetic consultation? 

During your consultation, you will meet with all essential staff who will participate in your cosmetic journey. You will be greeted upon arrival by our Front Office Coordinator who will ensure you are comfortable, all new patient paperwork is completed, and set the mood for your consultation with Dr. Lewen. You will then be welcomed and escorted to the consultation room by one of our medical assistants. They will do a brief medical background history, then introduce you to Dr. Lewen. Dr. Lewen will consume most of the consult time meeting with you, addressing your needs, and establishing a treatment plan with you. From there, if you wish to proceed, you will meet with his Patient Coordinator who will walk you through each step of the procedure and get you scheduled for treatment.

How long will my consultation take? 

Typically, consultations last anywhere between 1-2 hours, with more complex consultations being on the lengthier side. The quickest consults are generally ones that involve the less invasive procedures such as filler, Botox, laser treatments, and micro-needling. Surgeries, revisions, and trauma consultations are almost always longer lasting as there are more risks associated with surgical and more invasive procedures. However, at Lewen Cosmetic Center, Dr. Lewen strives to ensure he has discussed every option and alternative with you. Whether you come in for a simple Botox treatment or reconstructive surgery, rest assured that he will never rush you and provide you with all the necessary guidance in choosing your procedure.

Do I have to decide on a treatment that day? 

While most patients come in ready to make a decision, there is certainly no pressure to lock in a treatment the same day as your consultation. We want you to feel confident in making your decision and understand that you may need to discuss your cosmetic treatment with a spouse or friend, or even make arrangements with work or childcare before proceeding with your recommended treatment plan. If a decision is made the day of your consultation, we will secure your date and time with a deposit. If you still need time in making a decision to proceed, our Patient Coordinator will set up a time to follow up with you to ensure you have had all your questions answered and concerns calmed.

Are there financing options for my procedure? 

We are pleased to offer you financing options so that you do not have to go without your dream procedure! Enhancing your beauty does not have to be a strain on your wallet. Here at Lewen Cosmetic Center, we offer financing through both CareCredit and our affiliate, Shorr Solutions. You are sure to find the best option to fit your financial needs! Learn more about our financing options here!

Will I be offered options and alternatives to my procedure? 

Dr. Lewen covers all bases when approaching your customized treatment plan. If there are other options or alternatives, whether they be surgical or non-surgical approaches, your trusted physician should let you know. It is also helpful if you come to your consultation with an open mind to treatment, and let your physician know if you are open to all options – both invasive and least invasive approaches. Your physician will let you know the best approach to achieve your cosmetic goal, while keeping your safety and health a priority. Your surgeon should also let you know if you are not a candidate for a procedure. This should instill trust in you as a patient, as a trusted physician only has your best interest in mind.

How do I know if a surgeon is right for me?

Choosing a surgeon is by far the most important step in your cosmetic journey. This is one reason why consultations are so critical. Think of your consultation like an interview. You are essentially hiring a surgeon to do a job, so it’s crucial you know what to look for and appropriate questions to ask. You also want to ensure that you are comfortable, the staff made you feel welcome, and last but not least, that you trust the physician has your end results, safety, and health in your best interest.

What does a Patient Coordinator do in a plastic surgeon’s office? 

Consultations can sometimes be overwhelming when there is a lot of information thrown your way. That is why there is a Patient Coordinator role in place whose primary job is to hold your hand through each step of your cosmetic treatment. A patient coordinator is typically a cosmetic surgeon’s right hand and patient liaison. If there is anything you need reclarified, explained, or any questions you may have this is the person you want to speak to!

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